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Darkey Kelly's Bar

The Harding Hotel’s public bar, Darkey Kellys, takes its’ name from Dorcas “Darkey” Kelly a reported serial killer in the late 1750’s, who was a madam of the Maiden Tower – a house of ill repute on Copper Alley, just off Fishamble Street. 

Copper Alley still runs through the Harding Hotel reception to this day.

Darkey Kelly gained notoriety for her association with Simon Lutterell, the Sherriff of Dublin, a man who while a member of the House of Commons, was also a member of the notorious Hellfire Club who engaged in debaucherous behaviour and satanic practices.

It is claimed that Kelly became pregnant by Lutterell and when she sought him to pay maintenance for the child or else expose him as the father of the child, he refused and accused her of witchcraft & of sacrificing the child, although no body was ever found.

Other stories after her death claimed she murdered 5 other men in her brothel on Copper Alley.

Kelly’s punishment was severe, and her execution was horrific even by the standards of that time ending with her being burnt at the stake.


There is live music 7 nights a week with plenty of traditional Irish music, lively ballads and more contemporary music for all to enjoy, but there is always space to find a quiet corner to have relaxing time too if need be.

A vast selection of Irish and European craft beers, plus a wonderful stock of up to 150 Irish favorite and aged whiskeys, gorgeous cocktails and fine food all make Darkey’s a firm favorite with locals as well as visitors to the city so whether it be to start off a night or for the final nightcap Darkey Kelly’s bar is the place to visit during your stay in the Harding Hotel.

Like the rest of the Harding Hotel the hotel bar offers FREE Wi-Fi and we also offer a resident’s bar for our guests.

Contact 00 353 1 6796500 and ask for the Bar

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Copper Alley Bistro

Copper Alley Bistro takes its name from the street that used to run through the hotel building and has been recently refurbished to offer a wonderful fusion of Irish and European dishes in a wonderful setting looking out onto one of Dublin’s busiest streets and Christchurch Cathedral.

Excellent quality, great value dishes with exemplary service mean that whether your meal is for a special occasion or a quick bite to eat the Copper Alley Bistro can meet your needs.

Breakfast from 08.00 until 12.00 noon daily

Lunch from 12.00 noon until 4.00 pm daily

Evening meals from 4.00 pm until 10.00 pm daily

Early bird menu from 4.00 pm until 7.00 pm

Contact 00 353 1 6770603 and ask for the Bistro

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